Triangle Couple Helps Others with Building Families

Triangle Couple Helps Others with Building Families


The Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation was started in 2008 with a generous donation from Lori and Rob Moscato of Raleigh.

The non-profit organization helps people in North Carolina of various circumstances afford fertility treatments that are not covered by health insurance.

RALEIGH (WTVD) — A Wake County couple is giving new meaning to the saying pay it forward.

They’ve established a foundation to provide assistance to couples in need of expensive fertility treatments. The foundation is the first of its kind.  After Rob and Lori Moscato had trouble getting pregnant, they found themselves at the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCCRM) for help.

“After doing three artificial inseminations and then our first IVF, we were successful with Sophia, fortunately,” Moscato told Eyewitness News.  Sophia just turned two and the Moscatos still feel grateful.

To give back, they’ve set up the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation at NCCRM. It’s a non-profit organization to help others afford expensive fertility treatments.

“I think that’s a big hindrance that somebody won’t even go for fertility treatments because they’re afraid they won’t be able to afford it and we’re now hopefully going to be able to provide that option,” Moscato said.  Thirteen months after having Sophia, the Moscatos had a son naturally. They say they felt so lucky, the wanted to start the founded to pay forward some of their luck.

“I hope somebody else gets the same opportunity that we’ve had to have a little Sophia or a little Ryan — whatever their path will take them to,” Rob Moscato said.  The foundation hopes to reach out to those in financial need along with members of the military an cancer patients who want to preserve their fertility.

Chosen applicants will be treated at NCCRM.

“It’s expensive,” said Dr. Sameh Toma, NCCRM. “A lot of people mortgage their house to get the money. A lot of times it’s very heart wrenching, very tough. In the past, we’ve kind of assisted the patients. Now, this will provide even more assistance for the people”  The Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation is now taking grant applications.

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