Leigh and Benny’s Journey

Meet Leigh and Benny:

(parts of history may be omitted for privacy)


My wife and I have gone through several steps in the past that eventually led us to a clinic in Charlotte, NC for participation in IVF.  We were married for approximately five years when we finally realized that something was wrong.  We were positive that we both wanted children going into the marriage.  From our marriage date on, we had not participated in any type of pregnancy prevention but yet, we were not getting pregnant, even after keeping up with ovulation.

 In August of 2006, we participated in our first IVF cycle.  We purchased three cycles for $18,000.  This loan did not include fertility medications, doctor visits, blood work, or gas to and from Charlotte (a two hour drive for us).  IVF was successful the very first time.  Numerous embryos were created during the process and all but one fizzled out.  We were told that this was common with my sperm condition.  The one embryo that Dr. Whelan inserted worked.  We gave birth to a precious baby boy, named Benny Jackson Leviner, Jr., “Jackson”, on March 6, 2007. 

 When Jackson was approximately two years old, we decided to participate in IVF again.  We felt that our only child needed at least one sibling.  My wife grew up practically an only child because her biological brother was eleven years older than her and is now deceased.  She was very lonely growing up and did not want this for our child.  I am one of three children and my siblings and I are extremely close.  This is what we want for our son. 

 In July of 2008, we again began the IVF process.  We automatically lost our two extra cycles in 2006, after we were told that the first cycle was successful.  We decided to purchase one cycle in 2008, based on the fact that it worked the first time in 2006.  We were hoping to save money but also knew that if it didn’t work this time, we would face having to purchase another cycle.  Many embryos were created in 2008 (just like in 2006), but only two survived.  We were told that the rest fizzled out, just like during the 2006 IVF process.  Both embryos were inserted during the 2008 cycle.  However, neither embryo was successful.  Additionally, we were completely out of money.  In 2008, the lab technicians did detect the pregnancy hormone in my wife’s blood work.  However, her levels never got high enough and she eventually began her menstrual cycle.  IVF is so expensive and we have spent a lot of money trying to build a family.  We desperately want to have our family complete, before we are too old to see this dream come true.