The Grant Process

Below is a brief description of the grant process:

  • The fee must be paid and application submitted to PIFFF by the due date
  • Completed application is passed on for financial review
  • Application is then moved to physician review
  • Then applications are put in front of Board of Directors for final vote
  • Background check is run on applications voted on
  • Couple(s) receiving grants are notified
  • Once those couples accept, then we notify all other applicants of Board decision
  • Please do not contact the foundation during the 6-8 week review process. The foundation is busy reviewing applications and will contact you if more information is needed. The foundation understands that this is a trying time for infertility patients, but know that we work diligently to make the selection as soon as we can.

This whole process does take the entire 6-8 weeks as we are an all volunteer board.  We do not take these decisions lightly and will not rush them.