Best Male Fertility Kit: (Dadi VS Fellow VS Legacy Vs Yo)

Best Male Fertility Test: Ro vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Globally, the rates of infertility are increasing in both men and women. New generations are 50% less fertile and men become fathers much later in life.

However, delaying fatherhood increases the risk that it might not happen at all. Higher paternal age also increases the risk for malformations and health problems in the future child.

Thus, it might be a good idea to test your fertility or even store some of your younger and healthier sperm for when you are ready to become a father.

Now sperm testing and storage is easier than ever thanks to the affordability and convenience of at-home fertility tests. You no longer have to spend $1000 or more at a regular fertility clinic, to get an accurate measurement.

In this article, you will discover the best at-home fertility kits and learn more about their various options including sperm analysis, cryogenic storage, and personal consultation with a fertility expert.

TL; DR: Which Male Fertility Test is Best for Me?

  • Ro Sperm Kit offers a year of free cryopreservation with every kit. Options are completely customizable and include full analysis, morphology, expert consultation, additional storage, and even a video of your swimmers.
  • Apart from full analysis and consultation, Legacy offers the option for lifetime storage and the opportunity to transfer your sperm anywhere in the world.
  • Fellow Fertility offers extra protection and peer-reviewed methods to preserve your sample and analyze it as accurately as possible – just as if you were in a regular clinic. Cryopreservation is an option.
  • YoSperm offers a testing kit that can be attached to an app on your phone and assess your sample without having to mail it back. Accuracy is reported to be 97%. There are no cryopreservation services.

At-Home Male Fertility Test

At-home fertility kits allow you to test your fertility without having to set a foot in a clinic.

You can skin the awkward waiting and the used magazines, and deposit your semen sample at the comfort of your own home.

In order to get an accurate measurement, you still need to follow few recommendations before using a kit:

  • Abstain from ejaculation between 2 and 5 days
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco 24-48 hours
  • Do not use lube, saliva, or lotions
  • Do not test if you have had a fever in the last week

If you have followed all the recommendations for the kit you have purchased and successfully deposited your sample, all you have to do now is simply mail it back to the lab and wait for your sperm analysis results.

At-home Sperm Test Kit Price vs Traditional Clinic Costs

Regular fertility clinics charge you for each individual service they provide such as consultation, infectious disease testing, sperm processing, and freezing.

Each of these costs $100 – $300, so your total bill might reach $1000. That is even before you have paid for the actual storage, which is $300 – $400 per year.

In comparison, a full semen analysis via an at-home fertility testing kit costs $150 – $300 in total, including consultation and additional testing.

Sperm cryopreservation in CLIA-certified labs costs an additional $100 – $150 per year.

Sperm Analysis

A complete semen analysis must include the three most important sperm indicators that determine whether you are fertile or not – concentration, motility, and morphology.

Sperm concentration describes how many spermatozoids there are per milliner of your semen. Normally they should be 15 – 260 million swimmers per ml.

Secondary indicators such as the total volume of your semen should be at least 1.5 ml and the total sperm count must be at least 40 million.

Your swimmers must be mobile and to reach the egg and fertilize it. The recommendation is that at least 40% of your sperm has normal motility.

Your body produces new spermatozoids at an astonishing rate – 1500 per second. That’s why errors are common and most swimmers do not have a normal shape.

At least 4% of your swimmers must have normal morphology for you to be fertile.

Other indicators that might be included in sperm analysis include total motile sperm count, color, fructose level, pH, liquefaction, DNA fragmentation, etc.

Sperm Storage

Sperm banking and cryopreservation is insurance. It will allow your future self to have younger and healthier sperm that ensures successful fertilization and reduces the risk for health problems in your future child.

If you have also purchased sperm storage, your semen will be frozen immediately after testing. Some companies even offer a short period (up to a year) of free sperm banking for your sample.

Some companies also offer testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) before cryopreservation as it is a common requirement in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics.

Your semen will be divided into several vials and frozen at -320 ˚F. The method is called cryogenic sperm preservation and it is proven to preserve the semen healthy and viable.

There are cases of successful IVF after 25 years of storage, and theoretically, the sperm can remain healthy for up to 200 years in cryopreservation.

Even if your sperm was not healthy enough initially there are IVF procedures such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) which require only a few motile sperms to successfully fertilize an egg.

How At-home Male Fertility Kits Work

At-home fertility tests simplify the testing process by dividing it into a few easy steps. Apart from having to mail the kit back to the lab, you do not even have to leave your home.

Order Your Kit

You can order a kit online and it will be shipped to you in a discrete package.

Provide a Sample

The kits have a container in which you should provide your semen sample directly.

Usually, there is a preservative in the container which ensures that your swimmers remain viable until they reach the lab.

Otherwise, sperm dies quickly outside the body and a delayed mail-in test might be inaccurate in assessing your fertility.

Send for Testing

Now all you have to do is drop it off at a local FedEx or UPS and wait for your results.

Receive Your Report

You will receive a complete fertility report in 24-72 hours depending on the brand

Sperm Storage (Optional)

Most companies also offer cryopreservation services for your sperm.

This allows you to take control over your fertility and preserve viable sperm for the moment when you will be ready to become a father.

Who Should Use a Male Fertility Kit?

Every man who’d like to learn more about their fertility should consider testing. At-home fertility kits are making this much more convenient and affordable.

Now you can test your semen at the comfort of your home and it will cost you only a fraction of what regular clinics charge.

Furthermore, these companies are also making it much easier to preserve your sperm for future use.

The cryopreservation option is useful for all men, but especially those who will be at a higher risk of infertility in the future and would like some insurance.

Thus, it is a great idea if:

  • You received a recommendation from your doctor
  • You’d like to postpone being a father for your 40s and beyond
  • You will undergo any form of cancer treatment
  • You perform high-risk jobs such as military, etc.
  • You would undergo genitourinary surgery, including vasectomy or gender reassignment

Comparison of the 4 Best Male Fertility Kits

Best Male Fertility Kits Ro Legacy Fellow Yo
Price Range $199-$599 $195-$3,995 $189-$329 $79.95-$118.95
Service Options Available 3 Options + Customization Available 3 Options 3 Options 1 Option
Turnaround Time 1 Day 1-3 Days 1-2 Days ASAP
FSA/HSA Eligible Both FSA No Both
Cryopreservation Option Yes Yes Yes No
App Available No No No Yes
Lab Certifications CLIA + FDA Approved CLIA + FDA Approved CLIA + FDA Approved No

Best Overall Male Fertility Kit – Ro

Best Male Fertility Test: Ro vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Ro offers at-home fertility testing since 2018 and it is one of the pioneers in the field.

The company aims to make fertility testing for men as easy as possible and so far they are doing great!

There is also an option for sperm storage at the CLIA-certified and FDA-approved lab – the New England Cryogenic Center in Boston.

The first year of storage is free. Each kit includes storage for 3 vials which means you get 3 opportunities for in vitro egg fertilization procedures.

Options Available

There are 3 Ro Sperm kit options – basic, advanced, and one for additional storage. However, they are just templates that can be completely customized during checkout.


Dadi Kit Review

The price of the basic Ro Sperm kit is $199 it includes fertility testing and 1 year of free sperm storage for 3 vials.

For an additional $99 you can also get a sperm morphology assessment and a fertility expert to consult you which is a part of the advanced kit.

The $599 option includes 3 testing kits and a year of free sperm storage of 9 instead of just 3 vials.

Every additional year of storage after the first one costs $99 annually. If you wish to withdraw your deposit for use, there is a $299.99 withdrawal fee.

Types of Testing

The basic fertility testing includes semen volume, sperm count, and motility.

As a part of the advanced kit, you can also get a sperm morphology assessment under a microscope.

Turnaround Time

Ro has an extremely quick turnaround time – you will receive your full fertility report by email in 24 hours after mailing your kit back to Ro.

Pros vs Cons

Dadi Kit Review
  • Quick turnaround time for fertility results – only 24 hours
  • The first year of sperm cryopreservation is free
  • An option for a detailed report by a trained nurse
  • A video of your sperm under a microscope
  • Available in all 50 states
  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • 2-factor authentication security
  • Completely customizable
  • Can verify vasectomy
  • Sperm morphology has an additional cost
  • You can’t get a fertility report without 1 year of storage


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Best for Sperm Storage – Legacy

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Legacy makes sure that you get the most personalized experience possible when testing your semen.

There is a personal Client Service Advisor (CSA) to lend you a hand throughout every step of the process.

For starters, a CSA will coordinate your two-day kit delivery and give you a CLIENTID, a safe number ID to keep your samples anonymous and secure through the process.

Legacy also uses its own CLIA-certified and FDA-approved lab.

Options Available

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

If you simply want a fertility test without storage, then the basic option is for you.

It still includes a week of free storage for 4 vials, which can be extended for a standard fee.

There is also an option to store 2 samples equal to 8 vials for 5 years. It can later be extended for the standard fee.

Besides, this option includes additional services such as DNA fragmentation analysis and telehealth consultation with a specialist.

Legacy is the only sperm storage service to allow for a one-time payment that ensures lifetime cryopreservation if 3 samples equal to 12 vials. This also includes the option to transfer your sperm anywhere in the world.


The basic fertility test is FSA eligible and costs $195. The option with extra storage and 5-year cryopreservation is $995.

Every option can be extended by adding the Legacy’s standard fee for storage which is $14.95/month or $145/year.

Lifetime storage of 12 vials will cost you $3995.

Financing is also available to split this transaction into two to twelve monthly payments during checkout with 0% interest.

Types of Testing

The testing comprises a full fertility report including morphology.

If you have purchased a higher-tier option then DNA fragmentation analysis is also included.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is amazing – your kit will be delivered to you in two days after purchasing and once you mail it back with your deposit, you will get your results within 24-72 hours.

Pros vs Cons

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo
  • Quick turnaround time – 24-72 hours
  • Morphology is included in the basic test
  • An option for a consultation with an expert
  • Option to split the final transaction into two to twelve monthly payments
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Client Service Advisor (CSA)
  • Multi-geographic storage
  • FSA eligible
  • Can verify vasectomy
  • 2-factor authentication security
  • Expensive high-tier option
  • Only 1 week of free storage

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Best Sperm Analysis – Fellow

Fellow Review

Fellow has the goal to provide the most accurate sperm analysis by at-home kit possible.

The problem with the delayed mail-in sample testing which can affect the accuracy is tackled in two ways.

Fellow uses a preservative mixture and a scientifically designed algorithm to estimate the rate of sperm degradation and anticipate it in your results. They have even published a study to showcase the quality of the method.

Besides, Fellow is a more affordable option if your main goal is to simply learn more about your fertility.

Nevertheless, they also offer cryopreservation services in their own CLIA-certified and FDA-approved lab.

Options Available and Pricing

Fellow Review

The price of the semen analysis by Fellow is $189, which includes free shipping and sperm morphology.

Fellow is self-pay only but you have HAS/FSA make sure to check with your plan if you are available for reimbursement.

Sperm storage is completely optional and you have to purchase it in advance if you’d like to have your semen cryopreserved right after testing.

The price for sperm storage by Fellow is $140 per year. You will get 3 vials of semen stored and guarded in their own state-of-the-art lab.

Types of Testing

The testing involves a full fertility report including morphology.

According to a study performed by Fellow and published in a peer-reviewed journal, the sperm testing with the at-home kit which they offer is just as accurate as the one in a regular fertility clinic.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for your results is great – less than a day and a half of mailing your sample you will receive a mail with a complete fertility assessment.

Pros vs Cons

Fellow Review
  • The accuracy of the fertility test is supported by a study performed and published by Fellow themself
  • The price covers full testing including morphology
  • STI test included before storage
  • Can verify vasectomy
  • Affordable
  • Not available in Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island
  • No consultation options
  • No two-factor authentication


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Best Male Fertility App – Yo Sperm Test

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

If the methods above do not seem private enough or you would like to entirely avoid leaving home, then the fertility app Yo Sperm might be just for you.

You have to install the Yo Sperm app on one of your devices and then order a kit.

The kit will include the Yo testing device plus cups, slides, pipettes, and liquefying powder – all the tools you will need to perform the whole test at home.

Follow the steps provided with the kit and connect the device to your phone or computer which will display your results.

The semen is inserted into the device which does all the measurements. Your sperm does not come into contact with your phone or computer.

However, keep in mind that not everyone can get in the role of a fertility expert so there might be a bigger room for error.

Furthermore, technical problems with your phone, pc, or the YoSperm app are also possible.

Options Available and Pricing

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

There are different options available depending on how many testing samples (cups, slides, pipettes, and liquefying powder) you’d like to test with your device.

A kit with 2 samples costs $79.95, while the price of one with 4 samples is $99.95.

Types of Testing

According to YoSperm, it is an FDA-approved method, and it’s 97% accurate when compared to other at-home mail-in tests.

Apart from complete test results, you will also receive a video of your swimmers on your phone as well as an option to compare your fertility score to other YoSperm users.

However, the test is not suitable to verify post-vasectomy results.

Turnaround Time

It takes just a few minutes to mix your sample with the liquefier and then wait for the device to assess it.

You will have your results in less than an hour of producing a sperm sample + a nice video of your swimmers.

Pros vs Cons

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo
  • Immediate results
  • A nice video of your sperm
  • Available in all 50 states
  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • FDA-approved as 97% accurate
  • Affordable
  • The test is done via a device in your home instead of a fertility expert in a CLIA-certified lab
  • Technical problems with the device or the app are possible
  • Not suitable for vasectomy confirmation
  • No consultation options
  • No sperm storage option


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Ro, Legacy, Fellow, and YoSperm Customer Reviews

Ro Sperm Kit – 4.2/5 by TrustPilot

Best customer service and overall experience

“Was using this service as a bank and instead got an unfavorable report that led me to rethink my decision. Received unmatched customer service with the quickest and most helpful replies! They cared much more about my situation than they did keeping any money or ignoring me.”


Fast and easy

“We got this test the next day. My husband provided the sample, they picked it up, and we got the results (in a really nice PDF explaining the details) a few days later. Much easier than going to the REI right now!”


“This was my first time trying fertility testing, and the process couldn’t have been easier or more straightforward. I’d happily recommend Fellow to anyone looking into male fertility testing.”
-Post-vasectomy patient

YoSperm – 3.7/5 by TrustPilot; 4.3/5 in Amazon

Worked 100%, definitely would recommend!

“Worked 100%, the video is very helpful gives you peace of mind that you’re not getting a false positive. you can see them with your own eyes.”

Which Male Fertility Kit is Best for Me?

If you’d like to receive the best combination of fertility testing and cryopreservation services, then Ro Sperm Kit might be the best option for you.

Instead, if you prefer extras such as lifetime storage and the ability to transfer your sperm anywhere in the world then Legacy is a perfect choice.

On the other hand, Fellow Fertility aims to provide the most accurate at-home fertility test, so if that is your main goal, you can count on them.

If you’d like an even more private option that allows you to perform the entire process at home, then the innovative app and testing device by YoSperm might be worth the shot.

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