Best Male Fertility Test

Best Male Fertility Test

Approximately 7% of all men are infertile and the majority of them are completely unaware until they get tested.

However, regular fertility clinics require a fresh semen sample for testing which means you need to visit them in person and produce the sperm in the settings they provide.

Not to mention that the whole process might cost you more than $1000!

That’s why men have decided to create more convenient, affordable, and still equally accurate options, such as at-home male fertility tests. All you have to do is order your kit, provide your sample and mail it back.

In this article, we will review the best male fertility tests on the market and provide you with a comparison of their accuracy, price, and convenience.

TL; DR: What is the best male fertility test?

  • Dadi Kit offers the best balance between testing and storage. Your options are completely customizable. You can purchase personal consultation, additional storage, and more! Besides you have a year of free cryopreservation with every kit.
  • Legacy aims to provide the best storage options available for those who are ready to spend a little extra. They offer lifetime storage, multi-site storage, and the ability to transfer your sperm to any fertility clinic in the world!
  • Fellow fertility kits are focused on bringing forth the most accurate fertility testing amongst all at-home options. They claim to provide semen analysis with an accuracy comparable to a regular clinic.
  • YoSperm offers the most convenient at-home fertility testing kit. The kit must be attached to an app on your phone or PC and you can analyze your sample with 97% accuracy without having to mail it back.

Male Reproductive Health and Infertility Solutions

The rate of infertility is increasing in both men and women. However, detecting that problem requires you to undergo a fertility test.

Unfortunately, most men do not pay attention to their reproductive health, and testing their sperm is commonly considered taboo.

A solution for infertility is in-vitro (IVF) procedures and especially ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). ICSI allows for egg fertilization with just 1 swimmer, even when it has morphology or motility problems.

Furthermore, the risk of infertility rises as you age and higher paternal age increases the risk for fetal malformations, genetic conditions, and miscarriages.

Thus, cryopreservation is another viable option to store younger and healthier semen for the moment when you feel ready to be a father.

The semen can be stored for up to 200 years and remains viable for IVF and ICSI procedures. The service is recommended for men who have high-risk professions, will undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or genitourinary surgery.

At-Home Male Fertility Test

Getting tested at a regular clinic is an unpleasant and expensive experience. It involves awkward waiting rooms, used magazines, and producing a sperm sample in the settings provided by the clinic.

Besides, each service in the clinic is charged individually. You need to pay for a medical exam, testing your swimmers, infections disease testing, etc., which costs $100-300 each.

At-home fertility tests offer an accurate, convenient, and affordable alternative.

They work by providing a testing kit to your home, which can preserve your semen back to the lab. Once you mail the kit back to the lab, your sample will be tested and even cryopreserved. Then you receive a complete fertility report by email.

Some fertility kits do not even require to be mailed back. You can connect the kit to your phone or PC and an app will access your fertility results.

Best Male Fertility Test

The most important parameters tested include:

  • Sperm concentration – to be fertile there must be 15 – 260 million sperm per ml of semen if your sample volume is normal (1.5-5.5 ml)
  • Sperm motility – to be fertile at least 40% of your swimmers must be motile
  • Sperm morphology – at least 4% of your sperm must have normal morphology for you to be fertile

Comparison of the 4 Best Male Fertility Tests

Best Male Fertility Kits Dadi Legacy Fellow Yo
Price Range $199-$599 $195-$3,995 $189-$329 $79.95-$118.95
Service Options Available 3 Options + Customization Available 3 Options 3 Options 1 Option
Turnaround Time 1 Day 1-3 Days 1-2 Days ASAP
FSA/HSA Eligible Both FSA No Both
Cryopreservation Option Yes Yes Yes No
App Available No No No Yes
Lab Certifications CLIA + FDA Approved CLIA + FDA Approved CLIA + FDA Approved No

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Services

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Legacy offers the widest range of services, including lab testing, multi-site cryopreservation, consultation with an expert, and even transportation of your semen anywhere in the world.

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Dadi Kit also offers lab testing, consultation with a fertility expert, and cryopreservation. Furthermore, the first year of cryopreservation is free with every kit.

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Fellow fertility testing on the other hand lacks the option for consultation with an expert but you can still test your sample in their state-of-the-art lab and store your semen.

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

YoSperm offers fertility analysis only via a testing kit and an application that you must install on your phone or computer. There are no options for consultation or sperm storage.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Pricing

The price of the basic Dadi kit is higher compared to the rest – $199 + $99 for sperm morphology assessment and individual consultation. However, it includes a year of free storage. Additional storage time costs $99 annually. For $599 you can get 3 testing kits for additional cryopreserved samples.

The fertility testing kit by Legacy costs $195 and their standard storage fee is $14.95/month or $145/year. You can purchase a storage option for additional samples. 5-year cryopreservation costs $995 while lifetime storage of 12 vials will cost you $3995.

The price of the semen analysis by Fellow fertility testing is $189, while the cost for storage is $140 per year.

YoSperm offers the lowest price – $79.95 per kit with the option to test 2 samples in the comfort of your home. If you’d like to test 4 samples with the same testing kit, the price is $99.95.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Vials Provided

You can store as many vials as you want with Dadi depending on how many kits you have purchased. Each testing kit comes with the option for storing 3 vials.

Legacy provides you with 3 fixed options. You can store 4, 8, or 12 vials depending on which option you have purchased. Storing 8 vials requires that you purchase the 5-year storage option, while 12 vials require purchasing the lifetime cryopreservation.

Fellow fertility services offer up to 3 vials for cryopreservation, depending on the volume of your semen sample, while YoSperm does not offer cryopreservation services.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Availability (States Offered In)

Legacy, YoSperm, and Dadi Kit are available in all 50 states – the continental part of the US. Fellow fertility kits are not available in Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo FSA/HSA Eligibility

All kits are FSA/HSA eligible.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Lab Certification

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

According to Federal government standards, CLIA is the highest level of lab certification. CLIA stands for “Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments”.

Being CLIA-certified means the lab meets all quality regulations and the results are as accurate as possible so doctors can use them while making a diagnosis.

Fellow Fertility and Legacy operate in their own CLIA certified labs where they perform fertility tests and preserve your sperm samples.

On the other hand, Dadi Kit partners with the New England Cryogenic Center in Boston. This is a CLIA-certified lab that owns multiple licenses and it is one of the largest full-service cryogenics’ labs in the world.

YoSperm allows you to perform the whole test in the comfort of your home. You do not have to ship it back to a lab.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Analysis

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Legacy and Fellow fertility tests offer complete sperm analysis with their basic kit option. Besides, Legacy also offers a consultation with a fertility specialist so that you can better understand your results.

Dadi Kit does not include sperm morphology assessment or expert consultation unless you purchase the advanced option. Make sure to select your options carefully if you’d like to also have a report on the morphology of your swimmers and have a consultation to better understand your results.

Legacy, Dadi Kit, and Fellow fertility are also useful for patients who’d like to confirm their vasectomy results.

YoSperm test kit analyses only the motility and the concentration of your sperm. It is not suitable for post-vasectomy patients.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Fertility Report

YoSperm can provide you with the fastest fertility results. In fact, you will get your fertility report immediately after you perform the test in your own home.

Next is Dadi kit, which offers an extremely quick turnaround time – only 24 hours. So less than a day after mailing back the kit with your sample, you will get your fertility report.

Fellow fertility kit will deliver your results in 1.5 days, while Legacy requires 24-72 hours to provide you with your full fertility report.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Storage

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

Legacy offers the widest variety of options for your sperm storage. Initially, there is 1 week of free storage with every kit, which can be extended for as long as you like.

There is a lifetime offer as well. Besides, Legacy provides you with multi-site storage and the opportunity to transport your semen anywhere in the world.

Dadi offers free storage for the first year with every kit. This period can also be extended and costs only $99 per year. Unfortunately, their offer single-site storage only.

Fellow offers standard cryopreservation, as well as free STI (sexually transmitted infections) testing with every kit. STI testing is an important requirement by most IVF clinics.

YoSperm does not offer sperm storage

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Personalized Recommendations

Only Dadi Kit and Legacy offer individual consultation with a fertility expert who can interpret your results and offer personalized recommendations.

Otherwise, you will have to consult with your doctor, who will help you understand your results.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Customer Support

Legacy aims to provide the best customer experience thanks to their dedicated Client Service Advisor (CSA). Your CSA will lend a hand throughout the process.

To start, they’ll coordinate your two-day delivery and give you a CLIENTID, a safeguard to keep your samples anonymous and secure when being analyzed or stored.

Dadi and Fellow fertility testing services also offer customer support who can aid you throughout the process of shipping, using, and mailing your kit back.

YoSperm offers support via email with a response within 24 hours.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Security & Protection

All at-home fertility kits are delivered to you in discrete packages. In addition, Dadi Kit and Legacy offer two-factor authentication for your kit.

This means that you and your kit are given a number, and no one else, including the medical doctors at the testing lab, knows your identity.

YoSperm does not require you to mail back the kit. You are the only one with access to your kit and your test results.

Fellow fertility kit does not offer two-factor authentication.

Dadi vs Fellow vs Legacy vs Yo Reviews

Dadi Kit

5* Overall pretty good.
I needed a second kit due to some damage to the part you use during shipping. But it all worked out in the end and Dave at customer services called me proactively to let me know.


Prior to Legacy, I had never thought about testing or freezing my sperm. After hearing about the spike in autism rates in older fathers, I knew I’d have to take immediate action if I want to be a father someday. After extensive research, Legacy was the obvious choice

Fellow Fertility

Our experience with Fellow was amazing. We got our test kit quickly, the instructions were crystal clear and we got our results back within days. It was soooo much easier than going to a doctor’s office and the results they give you are very easy to understand.
-Planning to conceive in the future


I’m really impressed with this product. It was super easy to use and REALLY cool to watch the video after. If you have legitimate concerns, I would see a doctor. But if you’re looking for a first step at home, I would highly recommend this product. A lot less embarrassing than dropping a sample off in public too!

Take-Home Message

Best Male Fertility Kit: Dadi vs Legacy vs Fellow vs Yo

It is time to take your fertility into your own hands and discover if your swimmers are viable or not. Now, at-home fertility tests have made this task as convenient as possible for all men.

Furthermore, the different brands offer multiple options, including extra privacy, cryopreservation, and accuracy comparable to a regular fertility clinic.

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