6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands

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6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands

I think you’ll really agree with me when I say, lower back pain (LBP) during pregnancy and postpartum sucks – big time.

You’re not alone. About 70% of all pregnant women suffer from LBP at some point during their pregnancies or during the postpartum period. And up to 45% show symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).

The best pregnancy support belts and belly bands can alleviate discomfort, making your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you’re a momma-to-be looking to relieve pain during your pregnancy, or you’re a mom who needs a little extra support, you’re in luck.

Here they are. The best pregnancy support belts and belly bands on the market and exactly why it might be the perfect choice for you.

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6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands

Best Pregnancy Support Belt for Pelvic Pain

The best pregnancy support belt for pelvic pain is the one that holds your pelvis in a good position. This can be extra helpful when you’re in the last trimester of your pregnancy and attempting to roll over or get in and out of bed.

If you’ve already got painful hips, this may be a good supporting belt for you to try to alleviate the additional joint aches.

6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands


I wear mine outside when I’m walking or heading to the shops and find it very easy to wear and adjust if I need to. It doesn’t get too hot and gives me just the right amount of compression and stretch.

Double fastening means easier adjustment A little too tight for plus size women
Safe on skinNot suitable if you have pedunculated fibroids
Premium breathable material
Soft, lightweight and durable
Gentle compression
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My personal favorite:

I love that this product is designed by mothers for mothers. They get it. When wearing this band, I really feel like I’m balanced, my pelvic pain reduces, my ligament discomfort eases, and I can truly enjoy a decaf moment and a good baby book.

A true lifesaver.

The Azmed band’s wide, curved, mesh-like front is highly conducive to a pregnant woman’s growing belly and flexes easily to allow room for growth while also supplying gentle (but tangible) support. Basically, I could breathe and move very easily in this belt without feeling pressure against my belly. The long Velcro band made it quick and easy to adjust the support level throughout the day as well. Washing and drying this band with my regular laundry did not appear to impair its durability in any way. It was a good purchase.

Krissy, top reviewer and contributor on pregnancy and baby products

Best Maternity Belt for Active Moms

Looking to stay active? This support belt has extra support for lower back and pelvic regions. A good friend of mine loves this one because it’s wider at the back and gives you greater stability and balance.

Gentle yoga or daily walks are made much easier with this beautiful belt. It’s also designed in such a way to increase blood flow to your lower back. This might help reduce pressure and give you some relief during your pregnancy.

6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands


If you’re the mom who finds relief from a heat pack or an ice pack, this maternity belt might be best because it has a nifty little back pocket for exactly that.

Back pocket for gel hot/cold packCan fold at the sides when sitting
Extra width for additional supportVelcro is annoying and catches on clothing
Strong and durable material
Comfortable for around the house
Sturdy support for exercise

Here’s the deal:

It doesn’t completely alleviate all pain but it sure does make running more enjoyable.

It takes a bit of getting used to, comfort-wise but on a whole, each time I went to spin class I wore this belt and the support was like a bra – for your stomach.

I also found the back pocket handy for keys and my cell phone.

Most Comfortable Maternity Belt

Out of all the support belts, I found this one to be the most comfortable on my belly. The material is super soft and sits quite nicely.

If you’re quite a bit larger during your pregnancy, this one is easy to adjust, and the pressure is quite gentle around the tummy area.

The best part is you don’t need heaps of straps of Velcro. This material is breathable and stretches as your bub grows. 

6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands


I also noticed my sciatic pain decreased while wearing this belt. I ended up wearing this one in the later stages of my pregnancy, right up until a few weeks before birth.

Breathable and durableVelcro can lose its stick after a while
Super soft materialNot suitable for extra-small moms
Easy to adjustExpensive
Lightweight and very comfortable
One size fits up to 46 inches

The bottom line is this:

I only wish I’d found this pregnancy belt sooner. It made a world of difference to my pregnancy aches and pains.

You don’t notice much while you’re wearing it, but when you take it off – boy do you notice the difference.

Keep in mind:

This one is best for large tummies but a friend of mine was a size 0/24 waist and it didn’t fit her properly. The sticky parts at the front wouldn’t adhere and stay in place. 

Best C-section Recovery Belly Band

I was recommended this UpSpring belly band as a possible option to recover from my C-section. Gee, I’m glad I tried this one – It helped speed up my recovery and I’m still wearing it today (11 months later).

After my C-section, I was super sore, swollen, and bloated. The Shrinkx technology in this belly wrap means I get uterine support and tummy support at the same time. It’s triple the amount of support. It really helps remind me to sit straighter when I’m feeding and I’m less sore and achy at the end of the day.

It’s made from special Bamboo charcoal which has interesting properties. As well as being antibacterial, it emits far-infrared light. When infrared light interacts with your body heat, it helps increase blood flow and circulation, which helps reduce swelling and bloating.

6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands


The best part is this postpartum support band can be worn immediately after your surgery, right up until 1 year postpartum.

Built-in lower back supportCan be scratchy after long periods of time
Customizable triple compressionAppears bulky under clothes
Comfortable for walking, feedingCan be hot as it contains polyester
Bamboo charcoal fiber technology
Supportive and stretchy
Antibacterial material


If you had a C-section or got abdominal separation (diastasis recti), this belly band might be a good option because of how supportive it is.

It does have nylon, polyester, and rubber as well as bamboo charcoal, so it can be a little irritating at times if you have sensitive skin.

Also, the Velcro flaps are very thick and quite visible under clothing, even very loose clothing.

It’s not the most comfortable thing to wear, but my husband can’t believe how much a difference this wrap has made to my tummy size.

Best Postpartum Support

If you’re wanting to stay active during your pregnancy, a belly band might offer additional support and stop the dreaded jiggle.

For some who don’t like feeling restricted, it can feel too tight and uncomfortable but it was fine for me. Over time, I switched to different support because it became loose after a couple of months.

6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands


I did find that this one dug into where my scar was so perhaps if you are using this band for recovery from a natural delivery you’ll have better luck.

Great support for ‘Diastasis recti’ after deliveryUncomfortable for long periods of time
Affordable priceCan be itchy and cause discomfort while feeding
Loads of Velcro, very adjustableWearing all 3 at once is bulky and can dig into your ribs
Great for immediately after birthNot practical for sleeping or breastfeeding
Suitable for short torsos as well as long
Fully customizable

Here’s the real kicker:

It’s very supportive and has definitely made a difference. I’ve been wearing it only for a few hours during the day – it’s not really practical for night time.

It’s certainly helped put things back together. I gradually added an extra belt (after a few weeks), then another belt as I needed extra support.

A friend of mine had twins and swore by belly bands to help her get back her pre-baby body. Although she does do a lot of exercise and eats pretty healthy too.

Best All-day-support Belly Band

I found this Trendyline postpartum belly wrap was very affordable for the quality you get.

The postpartum girdle is thicker and more convenient than other bands. This means it’s less likely to roll or bunch when you’re feeding.

I’m an hourglass shape and ended up having loads of tummy pooch. I found I was able to wear this belly band all day. It’s also less bulky than others which means I can get away with wearing it under my clothes.

6 Best Pregnancy Support Belts and Belly Bands

Let’s be honest:

It’s not shapewear so don’t think you’re going not going to see it. It’s just less bulk and Velcro than other 3-band supports.

If you’re a mom who’s looking to feel really snug and supported, I would pick this postpartum band. The extra two flap parts really helped to pull me in just that little extra. I can also wear this one all day. It has a little boning but it doesn’t bother me at all because I know it helps improve my posture throughout the day.

Doesn’t slide up or downVisible under clothes
Can sit comfortably and nurse your bubQuality is average and can tear after frequent use
Reinforced boning
Adjustable closure
3-band support style

After 8 weeks of wearing:

It still looks and feels brand new. The boning held up nicely and the material is still supportive and comfy. No need to spend money on the expensive ones when this one does the job.

This supportive pregnancy band has been the one that’s made the most difference to my back pain. So, if you’re experiencing lower back pain, it’s worth giving this one a go.

Now, you might be wondering:

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How do I choose the best support belt or pregnancy band?

To choose the best support belt, you need to consider your shape and size. There are options for specific times in pregnancy and also for different situations.

If you’re looking for something to hold your belly weight, it might be best to select a pregnancy belt.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to give you coverage, support your skin as it stretches, and extend the life of your favorite jeans, then a pregnancy band might be best for you.

Consider these factors when purchasing a maternity support product:

  • What you need the support for
  • Where you will be using the pregnancy support product
  • The comfort level of the belly band/belt
  • How thick the material is and Velcro straps are
  • The material type it’s made from
  • How big your bump is, how far along are you
  • Your budget and price you’re looking for
  • Style and available colors/patterns
  • Material quality and design technology

An as example:

A 3-in-one belt might be better for more structured support and pain relief, whereas a stretchy simple tube support band will be much more comfortable for sleeping in and squeezing into your pre-baby comfy jeans.

Remember that mamas who breeze through pregnancy usually:

  • Invest in a maternity belt or pregnancy belly band, and combine it with
  • A healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Vitamins, minerals, and supplements
  • Safe and doctor-approved movement, abdominal and Kegel exercises

Ultimately a support band will make you feel better which in turn keeps your baby happy too.

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When should I start wearing a maternity belt?

You can start wearing your maternity belt as soon as you feel your bump has grown to an unmanageable size.

The moment you feel discomfort, you can start wearing a maternity belt. This is why they’re designed to grow with your bump, for all stages of your pregnancy.

Here’s the breakdown of when my mama friends wore their pregnancy belts and postpartum bands:

I pretty much lived in belts and bands from the moment I was pregnant – hello twins! I’m quite small – 5’3” and the twins were quite a load so I had one for while I was pregnant, then another more supportive one with boning and a super comfy one to sleep in. I’m still wearing them now and the twins are almost 3 months old.



I had extremely sensitive skin while pregnant so I only wore a stretchy band without all the straps and Velcro. As it was my first, I used my band a couple of hours in the early stages of my pregnancy. It was also quite helpful while I was walking – stopped the jiggle.



My pregnancy was not so bad but because I had a C-section, I wanted extra help to get back into my pre-baby jeans. It really helped to have that extra pressure from my belly band to hold everything in while I healed.

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Can a maternity belt hurt my baby?

There is no evidence that wearing a maternity belt hurts your baby. There is, however, only limited evidence around the effects of maternity belts full stop.

Some studies have shown that belts reduce pelvic pain and improve the comfort of pregnant women. However, these conclusions are only valid if pregnant women use support belts for short periods of time.

Can you sleep with a pregnancy belt?

It’s not recommended that you sleep with a pregnancy belt. There is some concern that wearing a maternity support belt during pregnancy may impair blood circulation, and negatively impact pelvic floor and bowel function.

I recommend that women wear belly bands for short periods at a time to prevent dependency. I encourage them to use maternity support belts in conjunction with core muscle strengthening programs.

Dr. Christopher Smith, obstetrician and gynecologist

A true lifesaver

The Azmed maternity belt was my biggest lifesaver during pregnancy ever. Period.

It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee which I like. When a company has sold over 300,000 worldwide you know they’re likely to produce a good quality product. Their brand is trusted by moms all over the world – me included.

I loved that this one could be worn under clothing without being seen. I really feel it made a difference to my posture and gave me instant relief from the moment I put it on.

Best belly band for pregnancy

In my experience, the best belly band for pregnancy is the one that feels the most comfortable and supportive of your body.

For me, if a pregnant mom was asking which one I recommend, it would be the Azmed. It’s the best value for money and helped me to feel comfortable and confident during my last pregnancy.

Whether you’re looking for the best gift for a pregnant mama friend, or you’re looking for a birthday present for yourself, or you’re just in desperate need of some pain relief during pregnancy, support belts, and belly bands are the perfect solution.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I always have more of these lying around my house than spare toothbrushes.

Get yours today. It’s an investment worth every penny.

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