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A Time To Unplug

Motherhood is the greatest blessing a woman can experience in her lifetime. As such, it should be treated with reverence and be taken seriously, even before pregnancy starts. I realized about a year ago that if I was going to become a mom then I needed to make drastic changes in my life, more specifically those related to my inner life. Thus, I pulled the plug on all of my social media accounts, even my LinkedIn more recently, to center my attention on my life’s most important journey and role.

There’s an abundance of distractions around us at any given moment which influence our daily decisions and thoughts about our realities. If I’m to bring a child into this world, then I need to protect the environment in which he or she develops and protect them from as many negative influences as possible, including that of my own ego and desire to be seen or appreciated.

Motherhood requires personal sacrifice and the willingness to let go of the past in order to provide our children with the best future possible. I realized that social media had replaced meaningful daily actions like reading and spending time with nature with empty, addicting behaviors that were shallow and barren. Not only that, my addiction to being in the spotlight was robbing me of the precious time I could have spent in admiration of G’d and His endless graces bestowed on my life which was the worst effect of all.

Thankfully, you can always make a life-changing decision at any given moment, but you have to commit to it fully and strive forward without looking back. I decided it was time for me to grow up and face the wondrous reality of motherhood and provide my child with my absolute best efforts in planning its conception and committing the rest of my life to his or her advancement and joy.

Now, I find myself reading much more and taking delight in simple joys, like cooking and participating in engaging conversations with my husband, that I had forsaken not so long ago. It’s amazing the changes that take place within ourselves once we’re able to let go of the spotlight and just be.

I plan on staying off of social media for as long as possible…maybe even forever. I’m perfectly content with using this blog as my outlet and a place for genuine connection with others who are looking to better their pregnancy, birth, and parenting journeys as well. May this be the start of a journey that’s deeply rooted in life’s most wonderful blessings and teachings.


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