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Links and Coupon Codes

Our team works to deliver the most relevant, accurate, and honest information. We want to make the task of sifting through the info easier for you, writing only about what matters and offering the essential data. We hope that this website can be helpful to every user who is striving to improve his or her sleep quality and wants to know more about sleep products and accessories.

Here’s the thing (none of your fault, though):

This website is quite expensive to run, really.

So, in order to do this without failing, we cooperate with some companies (and online retailers) in the sleep industry. The way it works is quite simple: we get a small commission every time our reader uses a promo code, a coupon, or a discount code. We also receive a small bonus when our users buy the recommended products by clicking the affiliate links we provide on our website.

This does not influence the final price of a product. You do not pay more than it costs. You are not the one who’s paying for our bonuses. Our readers get the best price, we guarantee.

We recommend a product only if we are sure of its quality and believe that it might be useful to our readers. We do not get paid for writing reviews. We do not advertise any of the products by request. Everything that we write here is based on our research, testing, and personal experience. We always reveal both the good and the bad about each product without holding back or hiding anything.

In order to keep doing that, we use affiliate links. They also make this website ad-free, which is a very pleasant bonus in our humble opinion. At least the ads don’t annoy you.

In a way, we have a professional relationship with several companies in the sleep industry. They help us support the website while we test and review their products. However, these relationships do not influence our personal opinions. We have learned to look past the claims each manufacturer makes about their product. We trust our own research and testing and deliver only honest and straightforward opinions to you.

To be completely fair, we rescind the received commission if a user returns the product that we recommended. We want to deserve your trust, which means we cannot accept any bonuses for a product that did not satisfy our reader.

That being said, here’s a list of companies and online retailers (other than Amazon.com) that we cooperate with and receive a commission from for our readers’ purchases:

Free Products

Occasionally, we receive free products from companies in exchange for a review. They do not pay us to praise their product, though. It’s just a product sample that we are offered to test, study and review honestly, without hiding anything.

The fact that we receive a free product does not necessarily mean that we are going to write about it on our website.

Get this:

We don’t want to turn this website’s content into a library of useless or deceiving info.

So, if we don’t think that a product is good enough or worth your attention, we will not post anything about it on our website. Everything that we write here is our honest thoughts, opinions, and results of product testing.

We Are Not Doctors

Neither are we medical care professionals or science researchers. We do not offer any medical recommendations or health advice. We are simply a team of people united by the same passion and field of experience. We share our knowledge and opinions based on what we’ve learned over the years. And we really hope that we can be helpful to you in some way.


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