Fertility Grants


Dealing with Infertility

Becoming new parents is one of the most exciting experiences a couple can share together!

Unfortunately, the path to conception is not a walk in the park for many couples in the United States and can be quite an expensive process if assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF, is required for successful conception.

1 out of every 8 couples in the US will need to seek medical treatment for subfertility and the average cost of procedures associated with fertilization and conception ranges from $500 to over $15,000 apiece!

We believe that every couple who wishes to become parents deserves the opportunity to do so, thus we’ve created our own list of the best fertility grants available along with a general guide on how to apply for fertility grants.

Grants for Fertility Treatment

Numerous charitable organizations donate money to couples in order to provide the
financial means necessary for covering advanced fertility treatments.

These grants cover the expense of treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), egg and sperm donation or freezing, and surrogacy.

These funds may also be used towards covering the cost of certain medications and may even be used towards funding a couple’s trip to the state in which they will receive treatment.

In order to receive grants for fertility, couples must typically partner with a fertility clinic that is a recognized member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) as well as possess some form of insurance.

Who Can Apply for a Fertility Grant?

Fertility grants are generally available for most couples trying to conceive for the first time, however, some may have certain restrictions in place for applying.

Typically, the main restrictions for applying include:

  • An official diagnosis of infertility from a doctor
  • Individuals must be citizens or legal permanent US residents
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Proof of homeownership or rental status
  • Individuals must be partnered with an accredited fertility facility
  • At least one partner must maintain employment
  • Female applications should be under the age of 40 (in most cases)


How to Apply for a Fertility Grant


Most charitable organizations provide a link on their website for online applications for their fertility grants.

Standard applications tend to have 3 major parts which include:


  1. Registration and payment
  2. Application
  3. Medical history (This step is completed by a couple’s medical provider )


All parts of the application must be submitted by the organization’s deadline and grants are usually offered once or twice per year.

Some organizations may require individuals to include additional information within their application such as a write-up of their fertility journey story or even a short video along with a signed media release so that their story may be shared on the company’s website or social media to encourage more couples to apply.

How Much is a Fertility Grant Application?

Fertility grant applications are around $50 on average but generally do not exceed $100.

This small fee is applied to fund future grants and may also be used to cover expenses related to fundraising events or operational costs.

Although this fee is non-refundable, couples may generally count it as a tax-deductible donation.


9 Best Fertility Treatment Grants for 2021

The following organizations and their respective grants made our list for the best fertility treatment grants of 2021!

Cade Foundation


The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation offers the Family Building Grant that provides up to $10,000 to infertile families in need.

This grant can be used towards covering expenses associated with infertility treatment or domestic adoption.

Additionally, individual grants are offered for the following medications:

  • Gonal-f® RFF Redi-Ject® 450 IU (follitropin alfa injection)
  • Gonal-f® 450 IU Multi-Dose Vial (follitropin alfa for injection)
  • Cetrotide® 0.25 mg injection (cetrorelix acetate for injection)
  • Ovidrel Prefilled Syringe (choriogonadotropin alfa injection)

Baby Quest Foundation

GrantsThe Baby Quest grant provides financial assistance for procedures including IVF, gestational surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, egg freezing, and embryo donation.

The specific amount of this grant varies each year based upon the availability of funds.

Journey to Parenthood

GrantsJourney to Parenthood aims to distribute $10,000 at least once per year, depending on the number of funds raised.

This grant may be used towards IUI, IVF, egg donation, surrogacy, or adoption.

Livestrong Fertility

GrantsLivestrong offers access to discounted fertility preservation services and free medications for individuals who suffer from cancer along with its potential impact on their fertility.

Gift of Parenthood Grant


The Gift of Parenthood grant provides financial assistance for IUI, IVF, egg donation, embryo donation, and gestational surrogacy.

This organization typically awards grants 4 times per year.

Hope for Fertility National Grant

GrantsThis national grant is typically awarded once per year and provides financial assistance of around $250 to $5,000.

The Sam Fund

GrantsSimilar to Livestrong, Expect Miracles Foundation’s Samfund grant is available for cancer survivors.

This grant can be applied towards the following categories and their respective limits:

  • Car Payments/Repair ($1,500)
  • Graduate Tuition, Continuing Education, or Vocational Training ($3,000)
  • Cosmetic, Dental, or Reconstructive Procedures ($2,500)
  • Egg, Embryo or Sperm Storage ($1,000)
  • Rent/Mortgage Supplementation ($3,000)
  • One-time Purchases ($1,000)

Parental Hope

GrantsThere are three types of Parental Hope Family Grants available:

  1. IVF Grant – This grant covers the full cost of a standard IVF cycle to include one egg retrieval, one embryo transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and an IVF education day fee at the Institute for Reproductive Health in Cincinnati, OH.
  2. FET Grant – This grant covers the full cost of one frozen embryo transfer (“FET”) at the Institute for Reproductive Health in Cincinnati, OH.
  3. Embryo Adoption – This grant provides a one-time payment of up to $5,000 to a couple who have qualified for embryo adoption with the National Embryo Donation Center located in Knoxville, Tennessee (the “NEDC”).

CNY Fertility


This is by far the coolest fertility grant we’ve come across!

This IVF grant is awarded EVERY month throughout the year and provides $3,900 towards IVF along with 7 nights stay courtesy of the Maplewood Suites in Syracuse, NY and a $1000 gift card for IVF medications courtesy of Integrity Rx.