How And Where to Buy Nolvadex Online

Nolvadex is a drug known too well to people that have cancer or have loved ones that have or had cancer.

It is a trade name for the drug tamoxifen; a type of medication often used for the treatment, suppression and prevention of breast cancer in both men and women. Tamoxifen is an anti-estrogen therapy and is commonly used as an adjuvant after successful surgery in patients with lymph positive and lymph node-negative breast cancer.

Uses of Nolvadex

Nolvadex is mostly prescribed to cancer patients and has a variety of uses as will be discussed below.

Prevention of breast cancer in high risk patients -It is used to lower the risk of getting breast cancer in people who are at a high risk of getting cancer. After a medical examination, a doctor can determine a patient’s risk of getting breast cancer by studying his or her family medical history or other factors that may lead to cancer. If he finds that the patient is at a higher risk of contracting breast cancer, he may prescribe tamoxifen to reduce the patient’s risk of getting cancer.

Prevention of spreading of cancer -Tamoxifen is also used to prevent or suppress the spreading of cancer in breast cancer patients who had surgery for DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma Situ). DCIS surgery is conducted on a patient if the cancer is found in the milk duct of the breast. The surgery is meant to remove the cancer cells only in the milk duct or breast tissue to prevent it from spreading.

Treatment of metastatic cancer -Tamoxifen is also prescribed to patients whose breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Tamoxifen in this case helps prevent further spreading of the cancer.

Adjuvant therapy – After a patient has completed his/her initial cancer treatment through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, tamoxifen can be used to treat breast cancer patients (both men and women) with lymph node positive and lymph node negative breast cancer. This treatment prevents the cancer from spreading to the other breast.

Treatment of ovarian cancer – In some cases, tamoxifen has been used in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

How Nolvadex Works

Nolvadex or rather tamoxifen is an anti-estrogen. Once a patient takes a Nolvadex tablet, tamoxifen attaches itself to the estrogen receptor in the cancer cell. This prevents the estrogen from attaching to the estrogen receptor. Estrogen and progesterone receptor positive breast cancer thrives on the presence of estrogen or progesterone in the body.

Therefore, tamoxifen, being an anti-estrogen, prevents these hormones from reaching the hormone receptor in the cancer cell, reducing the spread of cancer or eventually killing the cancer cell altogether. Continued use will eventually reduce the occurrence of cancer cells and kill cancer cells. This is why it is prescribed for both prevention and treatment of cancer. For prevention, the mere presence of tamoxifen in the body prevents the occurrence of cancer because there is no estrogen or progesterone for the hormone receptors in cancer to thrive.

Nolvadex Dosage

The dosage for tamoxifen is administered depending on the purpose of the treatment. If the treatment is for prevention, say after DCIS or for high risk patients, the dosage may be smaller than the dosage for metastatic cancer patients. However, one is advised to seek medical advice on the usage of tamoxifen under any circumstances. Dosage will be administered depending on a patient’s condition and how they are responding to therapy.

Nolvadex is usually taken orally in the form of 10mg tablets or liquid solution. It can be taken with food or without food once to twice every day or as directed by a doctor. Usually, this treatment lasts for up to 5 years for it to be more effective. If you are on this medication, it is advised that you take care not to miss a dose even once as this will be counter-effective.

The longer and more regular a patient uses it the more effective it is. Therefore, continuous use is recommended. Although the effects of tamoxifen last long after a patient has stopped using it, it is still advisable not to miss a dose or stop using the drugs because it can aggravate the cancer.

Precautions When Taking Nolvadex

Not everyone is eligible for using this medication and therefore precaution should be taken before a patient begins to use it. A doctor will decide whether or not a patient is eligible to use tamoxifen. The following should be considered


If a patient has had allergies after using tamoxifen or has any other forms of allergies, the doctor should determine whether they are eligible to use tamoxifen or not. However, if a patient decides to use non-prescription tamoxifen, he/she should thoroughly read the label for any precaution on allergies related to the drug.


Tamoxifen may or may not be used alongside other drugs because the combination may have adverse effects on the patient. There is a list of drugs that cannot be used together with tamoxifen such as bepridil, acenocoumarol, pimozine and ziprasidone just to mention a few. If a patient is using any of these drugs, the doctor will either not prescribe tamoxifen or change the drugs the patient is using.

Other Medical Conditions

Patients that have some medical conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, liver disease or high cholesterol in the blood cannot use this medication because it may aggravate these conditions or their effects.


Pregnant women are advised against using tamoxifen or interacting with tamoxifen because it gets absorbed in the organs such as skin and lungs and this may affect the pregnancy and lead to fetal complications.

Side Effects Of Novaldex

Novaldex, like many cancer drugs has its fair share of side effects on the human body. Because it is used for a long period of time, the side effects may last longer. The side effects vary from patient to patient depending on various factors. It is also important to note that some side effects will need medical attention while other may not really need medical attention as they will wear off on their own. Below are some of the side effects that prolonged use of Novaldex may cause.

  • Back pain
  • Irregular menstrual cycle in women
  • Fatigue
  • Increased cholesterol in the blood

These are just some of the symptoms as the list may be longer. Note that these symptoms vary from one person to another and some may be less common than others. Whatever the symptoms, consult your doctor whenever you experience any of these symptoms so that they can determine whether or not they need to be treated.

How to buy Nolvadex

Due to the high risk factors involved with the use of tamoxifen, it may not be an easy task to buy Nolvadex anywhere. Many pharmacies have Nolvadex for sale in their stores but it may not be easy to simply purchase this medication like you would purchase a regular painkiller. In some countries, there are regulations that prohibit the sale of Tamoxifen without a verified prescription. This is why most people find it hard to purchase tamoxifen.

As long as you have prescription from a verified doctor, you can walk into any pharmacy to purchase tamoxifen. Having a prescription is the best way to purchase tamoxifen. It is not advisable to self-diagnose and prescribe tamoxifen as wrong usage may have adverse effects. If you think you are likely to use tamoxifen, first consult a doctor and get a proper prescription before you can purchase it.

Some hospitals also have Novaldex in their pharmacies where you can buy it as soon as it is prescribed. This is probably the safest way and the safest place to buy novaldex.

In these days and age of technology, purchasing any item online is as easy as clicking a button. But when it comes to medication, you have to take serious precaution before you purchase any form of medication online. The reason why most people can buy Nolvadex online is because they have been diagnosed and a proper prescription was given to them. This, therefore, means that most patients who buy Nolvadex online are people who have been on this medication for a while and are only replenishing their dose. Buying online is more convenient than having to physically avail yourself at the pharmacy to purchase tamoxifen. Besides, online pharmacy can use your information from previous purchases to verify your purchase of the same. Having cancer is also a personal thing that needs privacy and buying online will give you that much-needed privacy.

It is not advisable to purchase tamoxifen online without a proper prescription from a qualified doctor. Most online pharmacies use a patient’s purchase history and prescription before they can ship out the medication to them. However, you have to be very careful of quack or unqualified pharmacies online selling fake or counterfeit tamoxifen to unsuspecting buyers. Only buy from certified pharmacies. This information can be easily found in their website where you can see the certifications and licenses.

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