Clomid is a brand name for clomifene, a perfect oral medication of choice for infertility among women. The drug was approved for market in 1967 initially as a treatment plan for oligomenorrhea but progressively discovered to be effective in anovulation related infertility secondary to conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. The drug is a prescription-only and FDA approved to be used under a doctor’s assessment and prescription. The drug is proven to be quite effective unless a woman has a primary pituitary failure that even when stimulated, it is not able to release the required hormones.

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Indications of Clomid

1. Irregular ovulation – It has shown effectiveness, where couples who can’t conceive based on issues of anovulation (periods occurring but not preceded by ovulation) have got a success rate of 5.6% in conception compared to 1.4% conception rate without Clomid used.

2. Idiopathic (unexplained) infertility – The drug has also shown effectiveness among some couples with unexplained infertility, where a woman cannot conceive. These are couples of normal fertility evaluation but have troubles in getting pregnant.

Mechanism of action

Normally, a woman menstrual period is 28 day-cycle with phases of fluctuations of Gonadotropins and pituitary hormones. It has follicular and luteal phases whereby the follicular phase is accompanied by the release of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone that together prepares and facilitates growth and maturation of an ovum. The luteal phase is associated with elevation of estrogen and progesterone in preparation for conception which is after ovulation has taken place from day 18.

To get pregnant on Clomid

In order to get pregnant on Clomid, one has to understand their cycle well, the days of possible ovulation. The drug is administered in early days of a 28-day cycle especially date 3-8 where one to three tablets are administered daily for five days. This stimulates more FSH to be released which steers and enhances proliferation of a viable ovum to enhance ovulation to take place in 7-8 days after the drug intake. The drug through negative feedback ultimately lowers estrogen and progesterone levels thus lengthening ovulation period to increase chances of fertilization.

How to assess ovulation

The time of ovulation can be recognized with its possibly unique signs through the following methods: such as Basal temperatures, ultrasound, LH kit testing, and blood tests.

The time that is taken to get pregnant on Clomid

The drug works best when you collaborate with your physician. After taking the tablets from day 3 to 8 of your menstrual cycle, you might experience some symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep pattern changes or moodiness. This is proof that your ovaries are being stimulated by the drug. Now you need to time the next 7 days after dosage with frequent intercourse. If it fails for the first time, a repeat is necessary but you need to confirm thoroughly that no conception occurred indeed by carrying out pregnancy tests.

How many cycles of Clomid use

This depends on your physician’s assessment upon the first successful conception and gestation. Your body might pick up with proper pituitary and gonadal hormone control after this. However, situations might force for the drug to be used in subsequent pregnancy efforts.

Cycles of Clomid use

How to ascertain successful conception

You can easily know that you are pregnant by performing a pregnancy test at home. Analytically, if you don’t receive your menses within 2-3 weeks of the expected ovulation it can also be a sign that you conceived.

Risks associated with Clomid use

  • In rare occasions, women do have hyperstimulation of ovaries leading to multiple ovulations. This can lead to conception and delivery of triplets or quadruplets. The chances of resulting in twins are normally 6-8%.
  • Hyperstimulation of ovaries can lead to pain which becomes enlarged with marked tenderness and multiple follicles resulting. This should prompt you to seek your doctor’s assistance.
  • Rare side effects occur such as dizziness, visual impairments and reversible hair thinning.
  • It can worsen existing conditions such as ovarian cysts and liver disease and therefore it should not be used in these conditions.
  • It has been found to decrease the Insulin-like growth factor among women which is important in the growth of muscles and tissues.
  • There has been researching on chances of the drug increasing cancer prevalence but it has been proved to be null. And also read about how does Clomid react with alcohol?
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As we have discussed, the drug has a good potency that ensures higher chances of conception, however, you need a thorough health examination especially by an Obs/GYN specialist who can assess and determine any pathology behind your infertility before inducing hormones that might not work.

These are conditions such as Pelvic inflammatory disease, polyps in uterus, scar tissue, etc that needs treatment first. Nonetheless, you need to work together as a couple especially timing the ovulation with frequent intercourse. Conclusively, the evaluation of risks and benefits should be done before prescribing this drug since the aim is to assist the patient.

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