Modern Fertility Review

It’s no secret that infertility is on the incline and for many women this is a topic of nightmares and all the anxious feels.

There are many reasons for this incline with the main reason being that women are choosing to have kids later in life.

Modern Fertility, a company founded in 2017 aims to help women understand their fertility regardless of whether they want kids, trying for kids or want kids later in life.

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💰 Pricing$30-$159
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Our Experience with Modern Fertility

To learn more about this company, I decided to go ahead and do their quiz that they offered on the modern fertility’s website. The quiz was short, to the point and relatable, it didn’t feel clinical or foreign like a lot of health topics. The questions asked were easy such as my current age, if I would like kids, what age I would potentially like kids, how many kids I would like and the age gap/s between them.

Once I completed the quiz, I received the recommendations from Modern Fertility. It wasn’t a long list of expensive products, rather it was two products, a hormone test kit and a multivitamin.

After these two recommendations, there was a personalized timeline, showing my current age and the age I would theoretically like kids. At these ages, was the risk for miscarriage in % and the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Downs Syndrome as a score out of 1000.

It was simple and to the point and being a visual person, I liked the fact that I could visualize my age and goals on a timeline. Not only was it visual and easy to understand but I also felt better informed about the risk of miscarriage and abnormalities.

Who Are Modern Fertility?

Modern Fertility is founded by women for women. It all started with the founder and CEO, Afton Vechery realizing that although she didn’t currently want kids, she wanted to understand her fertility better.

From her research, she realised that everyone’s fertility is different, that there are simple blood tests you can do to check on your fertility and that they are expensive. Vechery partnered up with the co-founder Carly Leahy and after extensive research together they found that women do not have the information they need to plan ahead.

From this, the team partnered up with Ro and healthcare providers to provide more information on fertility to women.

How Does Modern Fertility Work?

It all starts with a simple quiz, that assesses where you currently are in your reproductive journey. After the quiz, you receive your recommendations and from these recommendations you can order the products that best suit you.

If you decide to order the test, you can either choose to test at home or through your local quest diagnostic lab. If you decide to test at home, you’ll receive the test at home with instructions on how to test.

Before you test, it’s important to activate your test kit, this will let Modern Fertility who you are when the sample arrives at the lab. The test is a simple blood test but before that scares you it is a finger prick test and doesn’t require a fortune of blood.

Once you have your sample, you send your sample to the address on the shipping label, this should be done within 24 hours of testing.

Ten days later, you will receive your results digitally and the information displayed will range from ovarian reserve, egg freezing to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) outcomes. If you feel overwhelmed by these results, that’s ok, you can schedule a complimentary one on one session with a fertility nurse to help you understand your results better.

Best Modern Fertility Products

#1 Best Modern Fertility Product
Modern Fertility Review

Modern Fertility Hormone Test

It’s no surprise that their best seller is their flagship product, the hormone test. This test can be taken in the comfort of your home, provides you with customized birth control, a complimentary one on one call with a fertility nurse and tests up to eight hormones that are associated with your fertility.

These hormones measured include; Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Estradiol, Free thyroxine, Prolactin and Luteinizing hormone (LH).


  • Tests are analyzed in a CLIA and CAP certified labs
  • Free consult with a fertility nurse
  • Ability to integrate results with app


  • Cannot diagnose infertility or fertility related medical conditions
  • Insurance does not cover the test
#2 Best Modern Fertility Product
Modern Fertility Review

Modern Fertility Ovulation Test

Trying for a kid can be scary and overwhelming especially when you have no idea when you are fertile. This test makes it easy for you and helps you find your two most fertile days, predicts ovulation and helps you understand your cycle better. If you don’t like blood tests, you’ll like this test even more as it is a urine test and just requires you to pee in a cup.

The test comes with 20 testing strips so you can get a handle on your cycle. Once tested, the app can automatically scan the test and log your results to help you predict your fertile window.


  • 99% accurate at detecting Luteinizing hormone
  • Find your 2 most fertile days
  • Log your test results on the Modern Fertility App


  • Aren’t as accurate when certain fertility medications are used
  • Aren’t as accurate in women over the age of 40
#3 Best Modern Fertility Product
Modern Fertility Review

Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test

It makes sense that modern fertility also stocks a pregnancy test since fertility health is their passion. This test is a urine test and tests the hCG level of your urine. It can test for pregnancy six days before your period, can be stored in your cabinet to be used at a later stage and a box comes with four tests- win.


  • 99% accurate from the day of your missed period
  • Test for pregnancy 6 days before your missed period
  • Can be integrated with Modern Fertility App


  • Testing strips are smaller and shorter than competitor pregnancy tests
#4 Best Modern Fertility Product
Modern Fertility Review

Modern Fertility Prenatal Multivitamin

This prenatal multivitamin contains all the vitamins and minerals needed if you’re trying for kids, pregnant or just want to plan ahead.


  • Easily digestible
  • Citrus scented capsules
  • Adjusted Iron to reduce nausea


  • Not suitable for vegans
  • Not suitable for individuals with soy or milk allergies

Ordering and Shipping

All Modern Fertility products arrive within 4-7 days after the order is placed. Status emails will be sent to you, so you are kept in the loop with your products. The order will be delivered in discreet packaging from Modern Health, helping keep your life private.

Modern Fertility Reviews 

On Amazon the total rating out of 5 is 4.3 with 272 global ratings. 72% of these ratings were 5 stars, 10% were 4 stars and the remaining being 3 stars or under. So what did users actually have to say over this test?

“Convenient way to learn more about your personal fertility stats. Package contains an easy-to-use at-home blood test that requires a finger prick. Before submitting your sample you have to go online and register your kit, and they provide detailed instructions on what to expect and how to collect the sample. I got my results in 9 days (just below the promised 10 days) and you get a ton of information not just about your hormone levels, but also what the hormone levels mean.” J Aiken

“I recently ordered the MF test for myself. I’m in my late twenties and would like to have kids eventually so I’ve started to think about my fertility and what I can do as I look to the future. The educational resources have been invaluable and there is great support along the way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get more information about their fertility, regardless of if/when they want children.” M Packard

“I recently ordered the MF test for myself. I was terrified about the process of drawing my own blood, but the kit they send over makes it very easy. Within a week, I got my results — which were really comprehensive, but broken down in easy-to-understand verbiage, with actionable next steps. I’m excited that this exists, especially at this price point. It’s a shame that most women don’t find out about their fertility levels until they are ready to have kids. I hope this helps to change that.” D Watt

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Alternatives to Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility vs EverlyWell

Where Modern Fertility focuses on reproductive health, everywell focuses on wellness and offers a range of health test. The women health test measures ten hormones and one antibody to give you an indication of your reproductive health.

The test measures more hormones than Modern Fertility and offers the test to be conducted through a blood or saliva sample. Results are digital and includes a group webinar with a healthcare professional.

Hormone wise, Everywell may be one up from Modern Fertility however price wise and education wise, Modern Fertility wins the race. Modern Fertility is $40 cheaper and includes a one on one session with a fertility nurse.

Modern Fertility vs Let’s Get Checked

Let’s get checked offers a range of health checks. For reproductive health, three tests are offered a; progesterone, female hormone and ovarian reserve test. The female hormone test, tests four hormones whilst the progesterone and ovarian reserve test tests one hormone.

One of the benefits of this is that you can choose a specific hormone to test such as progesterone and you don’t need to test the other hormones. A con of this is if you would like to test them all, you would have to pay for all three tests.

Like Modern Fertility, tests are delivered discreetly, online support is given if needed and results are slightly quicker with the average waiting time from 2-5 days.

Price-wise, the tests are cheaper than Modern Fertility, however less hormones are tested.

Modern Fertility vs myLAB Box

myLAB offers a range of health checks including male and female fertility tests. Tests are delivered discreetly, can be taken through a blood or saliva sample and results take 2-5 days.

From afar the female fertility test is slightly cheaper than the Modern Fertility test, retailing at $149. However, the test only measures four of the fertility hormones where Modern Fertility measures eight.

Modern Fertility for Men

The Modern Fertility hormone test is designed for women. Whilst there is no test available for men, there is information regarding male fertility on the blog.

Modern Fertility App

The Modern Fertility app is free, designed to help educate women on their fertility and can hook you up to the modern fertility community. There is a function to track your menstrual cycle, predict your two most fertile days as well as load your test results on the app.

Modern Fertility Review

How Accurate is Modern fertility Test?

According to a study that Modern Fertility released in 2019, the test is as accurate as a hormone test done through a blood draw in a lab or clinic.

Is Modern Fertility FDA Approved?

All the tests used in the hormone test are FDA approved, the prenatal multivitamin is not FDA approved.

Is Modern Fertility Prenatal Legit?

After exploring their website, taking the quiz and learning about the research that has gone into their product, I would say Modern Fertility is definitely legit!

Do doctors recommend Modern Fertility?

Whilst there is not a lot of information regarding whether doctors recommend the Modern Fertility test, it is important to note that medical professionals are involved in Modern Fertility.

The hormone test itself was designed by medical professionals, the report is approved by a physician and there are a panel of medical advisors including reproductive endocrinologists at Modern Fertility.

With this information, it’s safe to say that doctors would support a product that was developed and support by doctors.

Can Modern Fertility detect infertility?

No, whilst fertility hormones can give us an idea of our fertility, its one of many factors that affect fertility. Modern Fertility is transparent about this and will simply give you the information from the test, they do not diagnose medical conditions.

Can modern fertility detect PCOS?

Whilst Modern Fertility does test two hormone levels that are used in the diagnosis of PCOS, it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. If these levels are abnormal, it is important to discuss them with your healthcare provider.

Does modern fertility tell you How many eggs?

The test will not get give you an exact egg count however it does test the anti Mullerian hormone levels, this level will give you an indication of egg count and whether it is low, high or within the normal range.

Does modern fertility sell your information?

Personal information is not sold and is protected on the software and hardware systems using a two-factor authentication methods. Anonymous data can be shared but is only shared with your permission. If you would like to share the test results with your doctor, you can print your results.

Is it worth getting a fertility test?

If you are looking to gain information around your fertility, trying to conceive or would like kids in the future, getting a fertility test can help with providing you with information.

Does Modern Fertility test egg quality?

The test will not specifically test egg quality however it does test the anti Mullerian hormone levels, this level will give you an indication of egg count and whether it is low, high or within the normal range.

How can I boost my fertility?

Living a healthy lifestyle through exercising, eating healthily, reducing your intake of alcohol, getting adequate sleep and managing your stress levels can help to boost your fertility levels.

How can one get pregnant fast?

If you are trying to conceive, tracking your cycle will help you accurately predict your two most fertile days and by taking a hormone test you would be able to confirm this prediction.

Whilst this can help you plan on when to to do the deed, it won’t guarantee that you fall pregnant. It will, however increase your chances and accuracy of predicting when you ovulate.

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